Mission and Guidelines


Making the World a Better Place For All of Us


The members of the Hong Kong Mindfulness Teachers Network are a society of independent professionals providing mindfulness-based instruction in varied settings: educational, workplace/corporate, medical, private and public venues. Mindfulness-based instruction is available as group courses, trainings, workshops, retreats, practice groups and one-on-one for individuals. Depending on the facilitator and training background, these programmes cater to adults, children and adolescents in the Hong Kong community.

The difference between misery and happiness depends on what we do with our attention. 

~ Sharon Salzberg

What We Do

It is our intention as a society to promote community, exchange of information and colleague support for those who are offering mindfulness instruction in Hong Kong. The six year history of this English-language website provides public awareness of our collective society members and updated information on mindfulness events in Hong Kong from internationally qualified teachers. Mindfulness teachers and interested affiliates engage in opportunities to strengthen their mindfulness practice, continue professional development and learning.

The group meets quarterly for networking support, exchange of information and planning of special projects and events. Our primary purpose in teaching mindfulness is to bring more wisdom and compassion into our own lives and into the lives of those we teach.

Guiding Principles

Our HKMTN society members agree to abide by the international Good Practice Guidelines as outlined in the British Association for Mindfulness-based Approaches (BAMBA) and Mindfulness Center at Brown University School of Public Health, USA. These industry principles have been developed for cultivating good practice standards in those teaching mindfulness courses worldwide.